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BlindWrite 6 Review

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Our TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award winning game copy software is BlindWrite from VSO–Soft, as it is easy to install, simple to use and makes high–quality backup copies.

Although a close third, poor help support from VSO–Soft and the lack of an uninstall feature prevented BlindWrite from beating out CloneCD and Alcohol 120% for the top spot.

Ease of Use

BlindWrite is incredibly easy to use, although the program doesn’t have as many configuration options as CloneCD and Alcohol 120%. For expert users, BlindWrite allows you to create your own profiles or download different profiles from the web. There are also third party applications designed specifically to work with BlindWrite that helps with the more difficult protection.

Ease of Setup

We experienced no problems installing BlindWrite, but when it came time to uninstall, we found that the program doesn’t have an uninstall button, so we had to use a separate uninstall utility to remove the program properly.

Feature Set

BlindWrite can hide your burners ATIP, which allows the program to overcome a protection that prevents some games from playing on a CD/DVD ROM burner.

BlindWrite does offer its own virtual drive. BlindWrite also allows you to create music and data CDs easily.

Quality of Copy

BlindWrite game copies were so excellent that we couldn't tell the difference between the original and the backup copy during game play.

Protection Removal

As with our top product, BlindWrite successfully backs up most PC and console video games, but due to the nature of copy protections, we had to use third party software at times to copy certain games successfully. One useful third party application is BlindWrite Tweaker, which is specifically designed to help BlindWrite users overcome difficult copy protections.

(Note: You must modify XBox and PS2 consoles before copied games can be played on them and XBox games also require a DVD Burner and additional software to make a working copy).


Although VSO–Soft provides FAQs and links to helpful forums with tutorial and topic–specific help, there is no email support available, and the BlindWrite manual is brief and unhelpful. VSO–Soft offers a support fax and telephone number, but since the company is based in France; most customers will have to pay for the call.


BlindWrite by VSO–Soft is simple, effective game copy software that works well for both the novice and the advanced user. With better help support and a few additions, BlindWrite could score higher.

Note:The latest version of BlindWrite includes a feature that gathers information about your hardware specs in an attempt to provide VSO–Soft with information to better their product. Although the company claims it does not gather other information, some may consider this as spyware. If you don’t wish to have information gathered from your computer, simply uncheck the appropriate box during installation.