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Game Cloner 1.15 Review

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GameCloner by GameCloner Inc. does a fair job of making workable backup game copies. Although this game copy software is easy to install and simple to use, we found GameCloner only successful in overcoming about half the current game protections.

Ease of Use

GameCloner is easy to operate for even novice users and offers several preset burning configurations that takes some guesswork out of creating an image (an exact copy of a game on your hard drive) and then burning that to a disc.

Ease of Setup

The Installation of GameCloner was a snap and problem-free.

Feature Set

GameCloner offers a virtual drive feature that allows you to play your game copy directly from your computer's hard drive. However, when we ran the virtual drive, the software didn't emulate the disc, so we had to insert the game disc into the computer to play the game. But we didn't have any problem with backup copies we'd burned to disc.

Quality of Copy

All of the backup copies we made with GameCloner worked flawlessly; we found it impossible to tell the difference between the original and the backup copy of a game.

Protection Removal

GameCloner can easily remove SecuROM protections for versions 4.8 and below, as well as earlier versions of Safedisk protections. But for all versions of Safedisk 2.8 and up, and for SecuROM 5, GameCloner could not overcome the copy protections without the help of third party applications.

(Note: You must modify XBox and PS2 consoles before copied games can be played on them and XBox games also require a DVD Burner and additional software to make a working copy).


The support GameCloner Inc. provides for GameCloner is decent and includes a built-in, electronic manual, email support and online FAQs. The program also offers a clear screenshot of each feature accompanied by a detailed description. GameCloner does not provide a help link and does not offer support by telephone.


GameCloner does a good job overcoming many of the earlier game copy protections, but fails to hit the mark with many of the protections on games being currently released. There are several superior game copy programs available today that do far more for less money.